If I Were the Prime Minister of India…?

One of my friends had his secondary and higher secondary schooling from a Govt. Residential school.

During twelfth, on the eve of Teachers’ Day on Sep’5th, his batch got a chance for the self-governance of the school, a ritual that the school had been following since its inception.

Being a popular student, my friend was unanimously selected as the Principal. They were allowed to take one decision related to the development of the institution and that will be implemented within the budget allocated for the same.

He summoned all his classmates (who were in teaching and non-teaching roles on the day) for a meeting on taking the decision.

Few active students came with close to ten different proposals. Within a few minutes, the batch got divided into ten different groups, each supporting an idea that they liked.

The situation went beyond logical discussion and egos, personal priorities, excitement, stubbornness, etc started building havoc.

He thought for a while and announced. “Why don’t we call for the assembly of all the other class students in the evening and conduct a ballot? Let the most voted one of these ten proposals win.
Every year the batches made an internal decision. We would be the first batch to initiate a democratic procedure. After all, we are doing this for them. We will be leaving the campus in a few days.”

To his happiness and surprise, there was a unanimous YES for this proposal. That was because everyone identified themselves with the idea of the batch becoming a trendsetter.

When my friend narrated this incident, I learned one important aspect of leadership. If you wish to achieve a consensus of everyone to implement any of your decisions, you need to present it the way everyone identifies themselves with the cause. It is not what you do. It is how you present it with universal objectives, that helps you do it smoothly.

However, the disclaimer is that your presentation should be practical and believable. So, you must try and find genuine factors that help them identify themselves with the cause.

This will be the first aspect I shall keep in mind if I were the Prime Minister of this uniquely diverse country called INDIA.


· Before the swear-in ceremony, I shall reiterate to myself that this is temporary.

· I shall understand and proceed that what is given to me is a responsibility, not power. In this social media generation, anyone is at liberty to openly criticize me.

· I cannot have a single character, because both modesty and vigor shall bring problems. I wish to remain conscious and choose my emotions. So, the biggest accomplishment I need to achieve is emotional intelligence.

· I need to address the priorities of many across the country from both close and open quarters. So, I cannot have any personal priorities.


Whenever I wish to make a decision and bring consensus for smoother implementation, I know opposition would try and pluck feathers on the eggshell. I need a foolproof plan to tackle them.

· I shall keep a regular touch with the second level leadership in the opposition to study their critical strategies to address them before they are viral.

· I shall arrange for an all-party-meeting before every crucial decision is out in the open. That way, they become part of the decision.

· I keep reminding the opposition that it is not too long for them to come back to power and how these implementations shall help them when they come to the power.


I shall proceed with the clear belief that I am a politician and my qualification is too small to research and analyze things.

So, I shall always check with the qualified supporting staff around me in administration and respect their suggestions and swear not to force my decision against their logical warnings.

At the outset, I believe that more than knowledge, people strength, dynamism, etc, it is the strong mindset I need to drive this country to a future I believe is desirable

Kiran Sidde is a teacher by choice, an author by passion, an educational entrepreneur and a student-parent counselor.